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Loc8 Code functionality can be licensed for use in websites, orders forms, mobile apps and all navigation solutions

Licensing of Loc8 Codes

Loc8 Codes may be licensed for use in any applications:

Published Lists Of Loc8 Codes

The normal use of a calculated Loc8 Code by individuals is free. However, a list of multiple Loc8 Codes published in print, on the web or in electronic form is subject to a license requirement. Please Contact if you require further info.

Supporting Loc8 Codes In Web Order Forms

An API which validates an entered Loc8 Code, generates Loc8 Codes for users and gives quality info to support confident first-time deliveries in both urban and non-urban areas across Ireland and which also allows premium delivery services to be offered in all locations (next day, before 12 or at 1015 Thursday) is available for licensing. Please contact for further info.

Supporting Loc8 Codes in Web, PC Based and Mobile Applications/Devices

The Loc8 Code functionality may be licensed for any application - please contact for further info.

Copyright/Trademark & Patent Notes

Loc8 Codes are the property of Loc8 Code Ltd and all rights with respect to its use are reserved. The Loc8 Code algorithm enjoys full copyright protection and may not be used/copied/modified or otherwise subjected to any interpretation by anyone without licensed permission by Loc8 Code Ltd. Loc8 Codes and its related delivery method and error checking process is patent pending. The usual trademark protection also applies.