Unlock your Garmin Satnav logo Unlock your Garmin Satnav Loc8 Code Unlocks are now available for all popular new Garmin SatNavs

Unlocking Update

From the May 1st 2011 all Loc8 supported units will have the Loc8 Code feature unlocked for a free trial period of 3 months from first use. A lifetime unlock maybe applied to these units for €3.99 incl. VAT at anytime.

A lifetime unlock for the 2x5 series in all cases costs €3.99 incl. VAT.

Supported older units and those purchased WITHOUT Ireland and UK mapping preloaded will cost €3.99 incl. VAT to apply a lifetime unlock

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Device Not Supported?

If you would like to see the Loc8 Codes feature introduced to another Garmin device or some other Manufactuers Devices please let us know here

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