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  • Find your own Loc8 Code easily with guaranteed accuracy.
  • Send Loc8 Codes via email, sms
  • Bookmark your favorite locations.
  • See star ratings associated with a location.
  • Add Loc8 Codes to the Address Book.
  • Navigate to your destination with preinstalled third party navigation apps, e.g. Garmin, TomTom, Navigon, Google, Apple Maps, Navfree, Waze 


Quick start Guide:

Press and hold your finger on the map to drop a pin in the desired location. Double tap the map to zoom in. Drag and drop the pin to fine tune your destination and press the disclosure button to determine the Loc8 Code for your chosen destination. The features above then become available to you so have fun finding your destination simply and accurately.

Alternatively, type in any of the many published Loc8 Codes that you will find on the contact pages of the many Irish companies on the web who are using Loc8 Codes.

*** If the company or business you want to reach has not yet published their Loc8 Codes then please tell them to log into www.loc8code.com and verify their address today ***

Go Further:

Every week you get 40 free credits to use with point8. The first 48 hours are unlimited so bookmark your friends and family locations within that time for free.
Go Further credits can be purchased with the app if you are a professional user.

QR Codes:

Once you find your location you can verify it at www.loc8code.com. The benefits of this are that your address gets assigned it's first star rating. Share your verified location with others and watch your star rating increase to a maximum of five stars.

Verified Loc8 Codes benefit from a QR Code being attached to email and sms messages. Use this on your company website or brochure to allow users to scan your destination without having to type in your location. This makes it super easy for your customers or friends to find you without errors and combined with Route Assist (BETA) can drive directly to you without lifting a finger.

Third party navigation

We have introduced the option of launching third party navigation with your choosen route from a menu option within point8. At present you will be able to launch the Garmin, TomTom, Navigon and Google/Apple Maps, Navfree, Waze navigation app when you choose to navigate to a point. However the menu option will only be available if you have one of these third party navigation apps already installed on your device.


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