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A plugin for Microsoft Office that allows you to do more with Loc8 Codes

What is Micr8?

Micr8 is an Add-In Application for popular Microsoft Office products which very quickly allows users display any Loc8 Code which appears in text on a map. After installation, by highlighting what appears to be a Loc8 Code and right clicking, a new option showing "Loc8" with the Loc8 Icon will be shown in the option box. By selecting this and if the text selected is a genuine Loc8 Code, the user will be taken to the loc8code.com website where the Loc8 Code will be displayed on web mapping.

The Micr8 application is available in two versions for Windows XP(32-bit)and Windows 7(64-bit) operating systems. Please select the correct one for your PC and download to your computer.

This facility is currently available for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint (PPT) and Internet Explorer. (Firefox is also supported).

We are currently developing other options to follow shortly – please check back regularly.

Micr8 is tested for:

(May be useable for other version)

  Word Excel Power Point Internet Explorer
Microsoft Office 2007 Yes Yes No Yes
Microsoft Office 2003 Yes Yes Yes