Confirming Your Loc8 Code

Thank you for confirming your Loc8 Code. Confirming and ensuring the accuracy of your code increases the star rating of your code. Confirming your code makes it more valuable to those trying to find your property. In fact, delivery companies may be able to offer you discounts as a result.

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Please make any final adjustments to the spelling of the address of your property or to its exact location.

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Adding An Entrance To The Location

You may Add a code for the main entrance to your property off the nearest mapped public road if:
1. The entrance is where a person or vehicle turns in off the main public road.
2. It is more than 40m (see scale bar) from main building
3. or if main building is closer to another road from which entry is not possible.
4. If there are several entrances and you wish to mark the normal entrance.
5. And only if it makes navigation to the property easier when using a Satnav.

Entrance from Nearest Road:


This product includes map data licensed from Google Maps.